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Customized Strength & Skill Programs for serious athletes.



Building athletes into tough, professional competitors is our game.

Customized Strength & Skill Programs for serious players.

30,000 Athletes+ Across the US

150 College Commitments

8 High-Level Coaches

50+ Professional Athletes

2500 Programs Delivered

Guaranteed VELO Increase & Strength Increase

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100% Focus on You

A private coach that’s focused on helping you reach your goals.

Tracking Your Progress

You have access to our coaches and our customized app to track your volume, fatigue, lifts in the gym, as well as personal bests on the field. Message our coaches in the app anytime.

Performance Nutrition

Develop healthier eating habits with the help of your coach. Get a better of understanding of how nutrition helps your game, and learn how to gain + lose weight for performance whenever you want, forever.

Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention

We help athletes recovering from sports-related injuries by reinforcing their tendons, ligaments and muscles through our programming. We have successfully helped players get back in the game after major surgery & injury through intelligent programming and safety protocols.


Your coach will be there to make sure you’re staying on track and progressing towards your goals.

See Our Student Athletes:

I gained 9 MPH on my fastball through the online programming- you're assigned multiple coaches based on your position and you can reach out at any time to go over any updates/issues you're having. I went from being benched and not expecting to play to USF committed from about a year of the coaching. House of Power understands recovery and power development which helped me the most.
Gavin Pacheco, USF Committed Pitcher
I started working with House of Power coaches about 10 months ago and my fastball has gone from 84 to 94 MPH. My arm doesn't get tired as much now due to the work we do for tendons and joints. It really helps alot and I'm excited to start playing at ASU in the fall. 
Jaden Alba, ASU Committed Pitcher
After attending House of Power I have increased in speed and strength. I’ve gained muscle and added about 90 lbs to every movement. I’m hitting and throwing harder than ever before. I’m a catcher but my throwing velo has increased by about five miles per hour. On top of that, I feel better equipped to handle the workload of an entire college season. My arm doesn’t fatigue as fast and I no longer experience shoulder or elbow pain. House of Power is a close community of driven and like-minded athletes. Several teammates lift here and have made friends along the way.
Rowan D.

House of Power College Committed Athletes

More Committed Athletes as seen on Instagram:

Joshua Chung: 77-81MPH in 2 Months

Gavin Pacheco: 81-90MPH in 8 Months

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