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Nyck Romero owner of House of Power

Nyck Romero

Owner and Founder

Meet Nyck Romero, a distinguished leader in the world of athletic development and strength conditioning with over 15 years of experience spanning both college and high school settings. Currently maintaining an impressive annual roster of 3000-4500 young athletes, Nyck has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to cultivating physical excellence and empowering the next generation. As the visionary mind behind House of Power, a world-class strength facility nestled in the heart of Orange County, CA, Nyck has redefined the standards of athletic training. His dedication to fostering holistic growth is underpinned by a robust educational foundation in Sports Medicine, underscored by a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Beyond his dynamic coaching acumen, Nyck holds a distinctive professional background in Neurology, specializing in brain, spinal conditions, and muscular adaptation. This unique blend of medical expertise has further enriched his ability to optimize athlete performance while prioritizing their overall well-being. A true embodiment of his philosophy, Nyck is not only a seasoned coach but also a formidable athlete himself. He has actively competed in International Strongman and Highland Games events for an impressive 14 years, consistently pushing his boundaries and exemplifying the virtues of dedication and grit. Notably, Nyck clinched a remarkable achievement by securing a World Record for Overhead Press in the esteemed International Highland Games Federation-an accolade that speaks volumes about his mastery in the realm of strength and athleticism. With an illustrious journey marked by coaching excellence, medical proficiency, and personal athletic triumphs, Coach Romero stands as an unparalleled force in shaping athletes’ destinies, making an indelible impact on the world of sports and beyond.

Christian coach at House of Power


Head Coach

Christian is our head coach in-house and keeps our members coming back for a reason: the results are unbelievable until you see it firsthand. From beginners who have never lifted all the way into competition ready athletes, his deep understanding of body mechanics, strength training and injury prevention makes clients feel safe, understood and empowered throughout their entire journey. What to expect: You will be leaner, with more muscle and functional, serious strength than you’ve likely ever had before. He is not the boot-camp, drill-seargent trainer. He is patient, sharp and compassionate, and a born leader ready to help YOU- schedule a consultation with him today and see why they call him Captain America around here!

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